Welcome to LLW Welding & FabricationWelcome to LLW Welding & FabricationWelcome to LLW Welding & FabricationWelcome to LLW Welding & FabricationWelcome to LLW Welding & Fabrication

LLW Welding & FabricationMission Statement
Founded in 2004, a merger between two successful companies that combined, have over 60 years experience in the petroleum industry. A company that is built on the reputation of the owners. As a company we demand excellence in the quality of work and the quality of our employees. Our goal is to provide a safe working environment while keeping our clients satisfied. We set a goal to build a relationship with our customers, while charging a fair price for the work. We guarantee, or work to the customers satisfaction. Our customers success in the market is always at the forefront of our minds because, without your success we don’t succeed.

Our Market Place
As known throughout the industry in plant construction, maintenance and renovations, LLW Welding & Fabrication can and will provide a quality work crew to meet any needs. We have fully equipped rigs and welders that are willing to travel to any destination and will stay until the job is completed. Though our market place has been in the asphalt and emulsion industry, we have the knowledge and experience to complete any job in the petroleum industry. Ranging from Gas distribution, Ethanol/Bio Diesel refining and storage to Asphalt, Emulsion and polymer facilities. We can handle
LLW Welding & Fabricationanything in the petroleum industry

Our People
Our reputation will always rest on the name of LLW and the clients satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to provide safe and qualified employees who’s target is to do anything to make our clients happy. All employees are OSHA/DOT certified through EwebOQ and can be referenced on ISNetworld.


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