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LLW Welding & FabricationAs companies see availability for expansion into emerging markets a demand is needed of a service company that provides the technical know how to encompass current demand along with future expansion. In an ever changing market LLW has found to stay on top of the service industry we must stay on top of emerging markets and new technical advances and products. Our goal is to keep our clients efficient along with being cost effective. Though we can handle any needs in the fuel service industry from gas distribution to gas terminals we have a strong grasp on emerging markets such as Bio Diesel and Ethanol products.

LLW Welding & FabricationBio Diesel
Bio Diesel has shown to be a viable renewable resource, though it has an optimal temperature range for handling and blending it takes knowledge and experience to build a facility to handle such a product. In what we have learned in the asphalt industry over the years with heating systems has also become priceless when it comes to Bio Diesel.

Another renewable resource yet also temperamental product that is finding a huge growth in productivity, in which LLW is in current development of several facilities across the nation.


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